About Me

Dilini Seneviratne

23 | British Sri Lankan | Dancer

Kandyan Dance Instructor | Costume Designer | Dance Choreographer

<Learn Kandyan Dancing from home by following my YouTube channel>

Project K(andyan)

Deriving from Sri Lanka’s last royal capital Kandy, Kandyan dance is a genre considered today to be the classical dance of the island. Follow this blog to know about this style of and my dance journey!

In my spare dance time, I like to:

Ballet | Bollywood | Bhangra | Bharatanatyam |Contemporary | Gaana | Lyrical | Street | Salsa

Contact me for any dance enquiries, costumes, workshops or lessons.



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. it’s been a while since you updated the blog. how is university? still waiting for the blog post on your thoughts on falling in ‘love’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! It has been a while, I have been quite busy with university workload and summer. I am planning to restart it with what I got up to during the free time I had this summer! Hope you’re well! Dils x


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